Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Effective Performance Management Guidance.
Performance management is a term that is hated by both managers and employees. Those on the receiving end of performance management often feel resentful and managers do not generally like handing out punishments. However there are a few ways managers can make this system easier on themselves and their employees.First, it is important to keep a constant and open line of communication with employees. Managers that talk to their staff on a regular basis gain their trust. This will lead to staff becoming more honest with their managers and offering more information on the goings on in the workplace.

A feedback system should be built between managers and the staff. This may mean a meeting once a week with each staff member to discuss their progress at work. By creating a process such as this one managers take away the surprise factor when it comes to managing the performance of staff.When a staff member is being taken into a performance meeting the manager must remember to be honest and treat the employee with respect. If this approach is taken more often than not the employee will work towards fixing whatever the problem is. However if the managers are rude and bully the employee this could lead to more serious legal issues in the future.

When an employee has made the required changes, the manager should notice. They should take the time to tell the employee that they are doing well. This will help build a great working relationship between staff and make performance issues in the future easier.Managing the performance of staff is not always a pleasant circumstance, however it does not have to be a bad experience. If managers are firm yet understanding of the employees, these meetings and processes will go through without a hitch in most circumstances.The business management consultants at Leading Resources provide the tools, workshops, consulting, and facilitation to help you build a high-performing organization in times of accelerating change.

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